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SOLD on Cafesaxophone Grassi Alto - another vintage cheapy

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Another cheapo vintage alto. This one's a Martin Busine. Nothing to do with the US Martin company, generally thought of to be Ida Maria Grassi made. Looks very much like an early 1970s Grassi Professional (a bit of marketing hype about the professional status, I think). Has had a few knocks and has lots of use scratches. However, all the pads have been replaced, and it plays right through the range. I don't know who did the refurb work, so I'd recommend a once over from your favourite tech. Responds well to a modern mouthpiece - I played it with a metal Yanagisawa. Doesn't have a mouthpiece or sling, but I can supply basic items for nothing if needed, or a good sling and a Bari mouthpiece (new) for an extra £20. It comes in a vintage Selmer case, of the sort MkVi/MkViis were supplied in. It looks a bit tired but still provides good protection.

This one is a bargain £150. OK, it's not as smart as David's tenor one, but it's less than half the price. Postage will be £16 in the UK, more for Europe, and uneconomic beyond Europe. Alternatively, the usual deal of collection from central Lond for nowt, or delivery in South London for the same.

Hi Jon, I'm tempted but I already purchased 2 of yours :-/ I had a massive gas attack. I decided that I want the Cleveland set up as I've not had one of these but I've had plenty of Conns. I popped the conn stencil back on mainly as I think my tech may be fairly busy and I'm quite a 'regular' customer etc. I'm a bit odd when it comes to buying saxes! Sometimes I will impulse buy and do nothing with the sax for a while, other times I will impulse buy and be very happy but then something else catches my eye and I have to fund it! This time it was a 1958 shooting stars (don't ask me why?!) lol
I'll keep an eye out if it's still for sale :)
Yes, I think he is, including the seller, and that's exactly the way it should be. :thumb:

Make me an offer, anyone?
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