Studies Grade 8 books, Puzzled

Hey guys, got my grade eight jazz books, ordered the books on the list and when I got them, no piano copies for accompaniement, whats up with that? Maybe I'm missing something here?:confused: Im doing trinity guildhall grades btw.

Help if you can! Thanks!

P.s. if this is the wrong place to be posting this I apologise in advance! ::thumb:
Anthropology, Autum leaves, diminishing returns and D.D.D (Double Density Disorder)

Hi, Anthropology should come with a disc as should Autumn leaves, DDD is from the unaccompanied list and Diminishing returns is a scale study played unaccompanied. Hope that helps :)
Well I did for Grade 6 Jazz - it explains it on Page 7 of the Jazz Woodwind Syllabus but if you're not sure I would email or phone TG (I do everytime I have any questions!:thumb:)

What were the other's you took were they Jazz or Classical?
Grade 3 - Classical, accompanied
Grade 5 - Classical "
Grade 6 - Jazz "
Grade 8- ? I'll talk to my teacher about it, thanks for you help :D
IIRC I played one piece with piano accompaniment and one piece with a CD accompaniement in grade 6 TG Jazz, but both pieces with piano accompaniment for grade 4 TG Jazz as I couldn't hit a cue on the CD acc, so the pianist gave me the nod :w00t:
Hi Mandy - I can imagine that would be useful for me too! I'm having to get fingers on the right keys just before pressing the CD switch and be ready to play immediately! (The Grade 6 pieces had a nice count in) The Bob Mintzer piece just has ONE drum beat >:) :shocked:and Tenderly comes in on the + of the 3! and Bob Mintzer piece is a fast Bebop which I'm struggling to keep up with :confused:

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