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Grace Kelly and Phil Woods


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Peebles, Scotland
Hi fellow sax fiends

I managed to get tickets for my good lady and myself to go and see Grace Kelly and Phil Woods playing at Scullers in Boston on Friday 21st Jan. I will keep you posted on the experience!;}
Never heard of them, so I googled... Pretty impressive, should be a great concert.
My appologies for taking so long. Excellent night, Phil Woods is still at the top of his game, the most impressive thing I took away from his playing was the depth of tone he has, his sound is huge. Grace Kelly is a jazz force to be reckoned with, she has a smaller sound compaired with Phil, you could even describe it as delicate at times but she can play and improvise as if she has been playing for many years, and she is only 18! Check out her new CD "Man with the hat" it is just out and may be on Spotify already. Lovely singer as well.
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