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M/Pieces - Ligs got e-mail re mouthpieces


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Lots of good stuff there. It depends what you are looking for in terms of sound (dark/bright, classical/jazz), how open you like your mouthpieces and how much you have to spend.

I would be tempted by the Meyer or Link rubber pieces or the Yanagisawa.

It might be worth taking a punt on the Soprano Planet modified Conn - I bought a similar one at the start of the Howarth's sale, but the bore is too small to fit on the neck cork.



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Well, interesting ending. I phoned up Howarths and had a great conversation over the mouthpieces. In the end I'm keeping the mouthpiece I have and changing the reed to a 2. 1/2 Legere Signatures series Reed. Because of my disabilities I do do fine motor and usually wreck a reed within 2 sessions. I did have a plastic cote reed for the clarinet and got on well with it. So half the price saved and a good sound. I'm hoping it will go well. Had a listen to the reed samples as well on this site. I was lucky to have sold my trumpet so it evened out. Any comments on these reeds would be gratefully received. :)

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