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got 30 odd grand to spare ?


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It shows how tough the times are! If it would have been a couple of years ago I would have been happy to oblige, but NOW........that's different! My bonus this year has barely touched the 100 grand and you know......that is just about enough to pay for the general expenses, for the cars, the Manor's maintenance and the personnel cost's these days have gone through the roof........of the Manor........that needs redoing as well! So I will be leaving this to some provincial and southern museum in the USA.

here in action!
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Hi Milandro,

Nice clip, but that's from considerably later. Hawk had already passed on this (alleged) horn. Selmer Radio Improved model from the early '30s had the bell keys on the left and a different style of bell brace. The one in the clip with Parker is either a BA or an SBA.

This is an earlier clip that does feature the very horn (allegedly):

And this one's from Holland ! The age of the recording probably explains the pitch wobbles.

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