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Good stuff for the winter season....

Two winter favourites in our household.... (as usual I’m not including weights and measures- its open to interpretation)

Pasta Fazul
fry off some pancetta cubes, onion, garlic chunks and chopped celery in a pan. half fill pan with chicken stock (plus salt & black pepper) and add cubed potatoes- boil for 10 minutes. add pasta shapes of choice, a can of cannellini or borlotti beans (including the goo the beans are in in the can as thickening) & torn basil leaves- cook till spuds and pasta a done- reducing as you go.
Serve in a bowl with a drizzle of good olive oil on top.......

Fish Chowder
cook up cubed spuds, onion and celery (plus salt, pepper and a sprig of thyme) in a small amount of water or vegetable stock until part boiled. Reduce. Add chunks of any firm fish (preferably one white type & one smoked) & prawns, top up with a small amount of milk and boil hard for about 5 minutes (reducing at the same time). At the last minute add a can of sweet corn and half a can of carnation unsweetened condensed milk. Mashing one of the potatoes into the mix helps thicken it.
Serve with good bread.....


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Hi Jules!

I particularly like the Fish Chowder recipe so will do that over the festive season. You'll have to come over for a cooking weekend sometime.....................;}

Kind regards


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I am not a fan of fish chowder but John loves it so I will be trying your recipe for him. On the other hand I love the sound of the pasta and gonna make that tonight. Thanks Jules, hungry already....... where's my porridge?

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