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Good news thread


For the past 18 months I've been struggling with mild depression and pessimism on and off and frankly the news doesn't help. I'm tired of being sad and pessimistic all the time - life is slipping by. I'm going to make another effort at positive psychology, to try to become more optimistic, and part of this is looking for positive news in life.

Google took me here The Good News Network: Positive Stories 24/7 which then led to this story

Child and Adolescent Health From 1990 to 2015

" Global child and adolescent mortality decreased from 14.18 million deaths in 1990 to 7.26 million deaths in 2015"

I felt I should share this because among the terrible news from Syria, the widening inequality in the west, and recent attempts to make US healthcare even more grotesquely unjust the wider world is slowly becoming a better, more equal place.
There is a lot of opportunity to be pessimistic about the current state of our world, considerable imbalance between the have's and have not's. But overall I try to feel positive and full of gratitude for the life that we lead in the Western world. Not least we have this wonderful outlet of escapism to immerse ourselves in music and gain (hopefully) great satisfaction from playing this wonderful instrument.


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@sdt99 you are not the first on here to be suffering from a form of depression, my hat goes off to you for admitting it.

Whether it be mild or severe depression and anxiety are not easy states and whilst some certainly need medication many can be cured by a change in attitude. However never underestimate how hard this is to achieve.

Hope we can help lift your spirits :)

It would be great if members posted positive thoughts here to help lift those that may be down.

Here is mine for today

I spent this morning at Manchester City's ground on a charity update course with some colleagues and was pleased to find out that after a raft of new charity reporting requirements there was nothing new to worry about for this year. There were some tax and VAT updates but the accounts at least won't have to change this year.

We also had a lovely lunch and I realised I'm lucky to work with some pretty good people :)


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I play the saxophone for an hour and I can't remember what I was thinking, feeling or going to do, so I play for another hour.

Let's not confuse being world weary and fed up with clinical depression. Not being able to get out of bed is very different from tutting at the news on the telly.
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Half the battle with Depression is opening up and telling people. You feel like you don't want to burden them with your problems in case you bring them down with you.

Talking is good, very good. As is playing your sax. It gives a wonderful focus for the day, something to look forward to and something to totally engross yourself within. When you're playing, nothing else matters.

I'd also suggest speaking to your GP and seeing if they can get you lined up with some CBT (if that's appropriate for you).

I exploded last September (it was something that had been building for a good few months) and it took me a few weeks before I felt worthy of picking my sax up but it helped.

Since then I've been having CBT since November and that's really helped things along, given a different perspective and some really good techniques to help bat the dark thoughts away.

There's lots of help out there, but only you can help yourself.

Onwards and upwards. Drop me a line if you want to chat


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My happy moment today - I have just spent 4 hours helping my 23 yo daughter to load a van and set off to her new house and her new job. It's hard letting go, but I am really proud of how she handled her previous employer (and their less-than-moral approach to letting her go) and she is well on her next step in life.
Now, I just need a cuppa, while I rest and recover (she was living on the 2nd floor and that's an awful lot of steps with heavy boxes and furniture)