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Good news thread

Discussion in 'Breakfastroom' started by sdt99, Apr 6, 2017.

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    For the past 18 months I've been struggling with mild depression and pessimism on and off and frankly the news doesn't help. I'm tired of being sad and pessimistic all the time - life is slipping by. I'm going to make another effort at positive psychology, to try to become more optimistic, and part of this is looking for positive news in life.

    Google took me here The Good News Network: Positive Stories 24/7 which then led to this story

    Child and Adolescent Health From 1990 to 2015

    " Global child and adolescent mortality decreased from 14.18 million deaths in 1990 to 7.26 million deaths in 2015"

    I felt I should share this because among the terrible news from Syria, the widening inequality in the west, and recent attempts to make US healthcare even more grotesquely unjust the wider world is slowly becoming a better, more equal place.
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