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Good Morning from Spain...


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Hi there!!!

I´m a saxophonist from Spain.

Altought my background is classical education, I´m really interested in every kind of music; actually I play in bands of RnB, funky and RnR (Oh my god, I love RnR), on a big band, a symphonic band, a saxophone quartet, and in every project with interest.

Congratulations for your website, it´s seems very interesting!!!

PD: Sorry about my english, I´m trying to improve it... ;}

Kisses ang Hughs


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Hola KarkayU Como esta usted, Welcome to the cafe, I will be in Spain for my summer break in Marbella at the end of June. What a varied mix of bands you are in.

I`m a jubilado principiante on alto but interested in all kinds of music. I`m afraid that is the extent of my written Spanish.

Unfortunately in Marbella apart from an annual jazz festival there is not much happening as far as music is concerned unless it is all underground. Quite honestly the town generally only seems interested in Flamenco.

The ex-pats I know in Marbella are only interested in music of the alcoholic variety.

Have fun you are going to enjoy it here and what a nice place to improve your English. Best Regards N:D

Justin Chune

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Hello KarkayU welcome to the cafe. You keep yourself busy with bands and it seems like a lot of fun. Your English is fine.


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Welcome to the caff©m KarkayU.

You write better English than the majority of us.

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