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Good Morning and Happy New Year from Saxadict


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I have read through posts here for a while and realized I could learn and contribute more as a member.
I have played woodwinds for fun for nearly 40 years, and more recently have begun teaching beginners and helping in elementary band classrooms as-well-as doing set-up and repairs here in an area with no available local shop.

Performing is much more fun than practicing... probably why I'll always be a hack.

(New to forums; so I'm open to hints tips in use of the tool as well as sax info).

Welcome to a brand new year!


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Welcome Mate ...

Good to meet you ... Hope you have loads of fun here ...

As well as all the serious stuff you mention ...

You said you're "(New to forums; so I'm open to hints tips in use of the tool as well as sax info)."

Well mate - it's all fairly straight forward - but there is loads of info stored in previous questions - so my 1st friendly tip is try the search [or Advanced Search] button to see if you questions have already been asked ... :)

Hope that helps ...

PS - I am a very new beginner to Music [Both reading & playing] Squawk, Squeal, Honk ... :w00t:

I have an Alto & a Tenor sax and I love to practice hard ... ;}

I used to have neighbours - but they have moved ... :)))
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Welcome saxadict,

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun with students and band. I'd love to be involved with other musicians on a regular basis like that.


Love the name! Welcome to the cafe. Its nice to have another experienced musician to pester for answers to the nagging queries we all have.

Regards Rikki


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Greetings, that man!

A warm welcome to the cafe from the Skabertawe Horn Section - down by yer in South Wales - tidy, mind!:shocked::w00t:;}
I hope you are able to enjoy your time here and both give and receive in equal measure - looking forward to hearing what you get up to in your woodwind world. I guess my motto would be "if its not metal don't blow it....." (excluding mouthpieces), but I am open to learning also.

Kind regards
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