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Going to New York

Rock Lobster

Just back from NY. Had a super time apart from shopping with the trouble and strife. Highlights for me, seeing David Sanborn at the Blue Note, the club is great and David Sanorn was fantastic, especially as he was less than 20 feet away. May I also uggest a little gem to visit if you go? I googled the sax shops before i went which were ok but a guy in one of the stores suggested Jon Baltimore Music Co who had what he called "a full wall".

It's a small shop, one guy was repairing instruments and the other sat down and chatted to me about the stock. He knew I was not going to buy anything but spent a lot of time talking about instruments in general and what he thought would suit me. They have a little room to try stuff and had a lot of good horns to try.

This was a really friendly place and is well worth a visit. Give it a go, 151 West 46th St between 6th and 7th Av.


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Great shop- I remember getting up close and personal with a very nice King Super 20 there many years ago when i was supposed to be looking after a field trip of art students....
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