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Going to need a service and a few pads


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I've just given my Amati tenor it's annual service. Nothing more serious than a clean and an oil. Well, she has a fairly hard life, between gigging, busking and practising. I also have to admit to being very heavy handed in my playing style, I do tend to give the keys a damn good thumping.
When I do my services, I do nothing more than to remove the key work and clean all the gunge out from within the keys, where the rods go, I then clean the rods themselves and then give them a quick oiling, an inspection of the pads and then I re-assemble.
I noticed this time that some of the springs are quite rusty and some, about five or six of the smaller pads are starting to show signs of tearing. No wonder she's not as easy to play as she normally is!
Oh well, time to start saving up some pennies and booking a session with the tech!


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Careful... I got one to rebuild last year. Some of the pads were dropping out. You could have flipped the rest out with a finger nail. Don't want that happening in Canada. They used sealing wax, more like a clarinet, not Shellac. If it's going in, get that checked as well.

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