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Also, on my list of recent purchases I managed to pick one of these up off eBay. A 'Gigliotti' Spectrum mouthpiece in clear composite material. Apparently they compare favourably to Hite and Yamaha m/pieces. I was expecting much but it gives a bright and crisp tone on my Conn alto so I would recommend these if you're looking for a piece! I wouldn't label them 'student like' but more a 'good all rounder'. I managed to get it for £15. The seller had a couple for sale and one in a green material too. They're usually around £35 but look out on the Bay as you may be able to pick one up at a decent price! Highly recommended and easy to play. Probably not so favourable if you're used to blasting away on an open metal Lawton etc!
Just thought I'd share

Tom Oehser

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I saw one of these (tenor in blue) on ebay for only $15 + $5 S/H - I thought, what the heck, it's blue, and it's cheap.

I'm really pleasantly surprised - it is brighter than the Meyers or Vintage Brilhart I usually play, but, not crazy bright at all, not like a Lakey or other high-baffle thing.

It is all around playable, responds well with good volume, played fine right up into altissimo and down to the bottom, and wasn't so bright that I couldn't stand it.

Definitely a piece I'll be using when I want a bit more forward projecting sound, and fills a nice "in between" in my collection.

They don't seem to have varying openings, I probably could have stood it being more open... but, not too crazy closed, either.

Really more than worth the price, for sure.


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I just dug out my Gigliotti spectrum mouthpieces, one alto and one tenor I bought in 2014 and decided to tweak them a little. Just to finish the table and trim the side rails that are kind of fat!

I must say they are not bad! In fact they are probably the best price performance mouthpieces I have in stock.

They cost me 17.01€ each! That's even less than most of the fake Chinese mouthpieces you can find on aliexpress. I'm not sure why they didn't have more success. Poor marketing? Wrong sales channels?

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