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Getting the hang of it

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Big improvement and you've probably come to the limit of what you can do with this programme. What you've recorded is still way back in the mix, and I'm sure you tried whatever you could to boost your presence. A frustration I'm sure.

The baritone is good as the lead and your doo-wop higher saxes are also working (nice clean sound without the vibrato). They fit nicely with what was already happening in the track. Well done!

Time to splash out for next phase and start your quest in engineering GAS.



Try Hard Die Hard
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I don't think Colin does GAS in any shape or form and I don' t think he needs it,your playing says it all,great stuff,I'm in awe....john

Colin the Bear

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Burnley bb9 9dn
Thanks Chaps

It was £1 on Amazon. That's about as much gas as I could afford.

I built the rest of the track from the blocks, loops and phrases provided. It takes some sifting to find bits and pieces that will work.

You sample phrases on the sax into the software then use them as blocks to build something. No equalizer, no effects, no adjusting the sound. I wanted to try playing as a section. I found out I can't phrase on the Bari the same as I do on the alto so I kept them separate on this one.

Very pleased with the two altos. Just a simple phrase recorded twice a fifth apart. Came out very Sam and Dave or Maybe Al Green.

I'm bored with it now. Too limited in what it can do but good fun while it lasted.

I've seen one for £1.50. Wondering if I should splash out.

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