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Had the pleasure lst night of seeing two greats of the German post war big band scene - Max Greger and Hugo Strasser. Both now guest (and fool around it seems) in a band run by Ambros Seelos, who was unfortunately sick and thus unable to play.

Greger's a tenor man, and despite being 83, still plays superbly. Was really impressed by his sound, also his phrasing and ability to entertain. Strasser will be 88 later this year, but played like a much much younger man. although he's principlly a clarinettist (and a very fine one! - think Benny Goodman) he's also very good on the alto.

Stuff was swing based, Basie, Miller and so on. Just thinking back on some of the comments in the Jazz thread, 20 years ago all that interested me was hard rock, and I'd have laughed this stuff off stage/walked out. But I've matured and was amazed to discover the energy in music that is played at a much slower pace than say bebop. Stunning.

Couple of good trumpeters and a good trombonist as well!

I also got to see what my youngest's drum teacher is capable of - and it was a real eye opener. Must be really difficult teaching beginners who can hardly hit the drums poperly, when you can and do play at this level.....

Dunno if any of you have seen heard of these guys, but if you get the opportunity, don't miss it.
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