Gerald Albright


One day i will...
Liverpool ( Pool of Life )
I had a visit to London on Friday to watch Gerald Albright @PizzaExpress it's the second time i've seen him live and he didn't disappoint.
It may have been the venue but i actually thought he was better this time around, great performance.
He started off with the title track of his new CD 'Slam Dunk' (he is actually a multi instrumentalist which is shown on the CD) his first love 'was' bass.
He took up the sax after years of listening to James Brown (Maceo Parker) being his big influence aswell as Cannonball Adderley.
He went on to do a lot of my favorite tracks
So Amazing
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Georgia on my mind
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I would pay to listen to those two tracks but luckily he did a lot more including tracks from 24/7, Grooveology
He's in my view one of the best if not the best alto players around and his altissimo is second to none !
Is he a great player ? In my mind no doubt about it !
IMG_315825702382641.jpeg IMG_315611704061287.jpeg
Just having a listen to some other Youtube clips, loving it.

Thanks Kev

I will although I'm full of manflu so don't expect much from me :verysad
Wow, a Pizza place that also serves live music? Our Pizza Hut has a broken juke box for entertainment.
You never know Trimmy, my pal caught chicken pox and he was a vegeterian.......
Gerald is amazing and he "owns" the tune Georgia on my Mind. I actually stood up and screamed "YEAH" in the climax of his solo, the first time I heard him play that tune I was so moved by how he built up the intensity bit by bit up to that moment. Perhaps @RyanCannonball can share a bit more about Gerald since he works with him from time to time.
I played Mr Albright's version of Georgia to Mrs W (who is also Georgia) and her comment was, "It's a bit annoying, isn't it?"
It's always nice when your wife agrees with at least part of your own taste in in music. She's not perfect, though. She's not a fan of Captain Beefheart.
Anyway, Gerald Albright is a fabulous saxophone player (I wish I had his technique) but I'd be nice if he played something I could listen to.

My favourite version of "Georgia" of the ones I've got here is by Archie Shepp.
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I know exactly what you mean Jbt, it's only the second time I've heard him live and the first time hearing him play Georgia live and it was brilliant.
Nick you will have to play 'your' version of Georgia to Mrs W without the annoying bits, then upload for us to listen to, I'm convinced it will be a great version :thumb:
Two of my favourite sax players in their youth; players that helped inspire me to play (Sanborn being another). Gerald is on the left. Gary Bias is the other chap. They went to the same school together!

Playing his cd in my car. Realized I actually prefer the sound of tenor sax...too late, I have an alto! Good cover of the carpenter's tune " close to you."

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