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If memory serves, he played de Niro's solos in the movie "New York, New York" and appeared as the bandleader. He actually went by "Georgie" rather than George although neither were his real name (John Altweger). Played with a lot of the greats - Shaw, Berigan, Goodman as well as his own bands.

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He's not someone I knew much about either, but by co-incidence BBC R3 Jazz Record Requests yesterday played a live broadcast recording of Artie Shaw's band playing Carioca in 1938, which has a few glimpses of George Auld. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01pz2rm Very crisp section work too.

On another thread we were dicussing Bechet and his influence. JRR also put up a track of Kenny Davern playing Once in a While on soprano with just Dick Wellstood, piano. Kenny Davern is another player I have neglected, but his tone is very close to Bechet's and he manages some of those spine tingling phrases that the master does too.

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