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Gebrüder Mönnig alto fute


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the Netherlands
this is a very good flute made in the early '70 form the Mönnig factory. I have also a C flute of the same maker and I have had and sold a bass flute too, they are all very nice and the alto and bass fetch decent prices on ebay .

They are built in a very solid manner and are good sounding and nowadays you can only buy a Chinese flute for the price these are normally sold at.

This one is more unusual than most , comes with two straight headjoints: a " normal" one and a " reform" one. The differences are minimal between the two (but I am not really a flute player and play it very poorly compared to a schooled flute player) but I feel that the reform is better for those who seek a louder response of the low notes (or are allergic to metals!) either way they are there from the start, so the maker had some idea behind this.

Unusually, to me, it also has a low C# trill (it takes some getting used to not to hit it while you play the G#) which apparently seems to have some benefits besides being a very unusual key on a flute making it even more special.

I am asking 1100 euro including TNT post shipping and paypal fees and 50 euro will go to Pete's fund. I would preferably sell to England or Europe since it is impossible to ship outside of Europe and Insure the package through TNT post, if the buyer is outside of Europe (which includes the UK too.....;} ) then we have to see which courier would be the best option and revise the price accordingly.

I am attaching one picture with a link to image shack , click several times on the link (and then download it when fully expanded) and you can view it or download the pic it is rather large 2000 px wide!


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