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Saxophones GAS wobble... help me!!


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Now I have a decent student tenor I keep spotting others! And I don't even play tenor that much! Help!

Playing alto (8 year beginner) I struggle with embouchure when playing tenor occasionally. I guess if I played both types 50% of the time it'd be OK but whatever tenor I have tends to sit in its case, I get it out every six months, struggle, then put it away again or sell it. Then buy another and the madness continues!

Worse still, my SDA alto is SO lovely to play, better than the awesome SA80II I had, that why would I want to switch to tenor UNLESS it was as much joy to play?

And of course there's my wife with "what do you want another saxophone for" every time (and it's often, with altos) another arrives.

But since the Jericho arrived I spotted a 1959 (my alto is 1958) "birth year" SDA Tenor, then there's a Yany/Martin 880, a Yamaha 21, Dolnet Bel-Air, all around the £1,000 mark.

Yes, yes, the same will happen again. Coo-ing over it, tootle, put away, get alto out, forget tenor, sell tenor, so you'd say "David, just keep the Jericho and see how often you play it. Then , when you really enjoy it and play more often consider finding a pro horn to match your "skills"."

Hang on, I'll toss a coin...
You don’t like playing tenor, stop it, learn to love the one you’re with before even considering straying. I once convinced myself I should get an alto, went shopping, found fabulous vintage Martin, played it, didn’t enjoy it, it wasn’t a tenor. I really wanted it but I knew it would sit in its case, like your tenor. Thankfully I didn’t buy it. The memory of that day comes back to me whenever I entertain the idea of getting an alto and I turn away.

If you buy an expensive tenor then your guilt levels will be enormous. I blame it on the lockdown.
To play SATB you need to put the hours in on each. It took me a long time, decades, to be comfortable on tenor.
Having said that, owning a saxophone can have little to do with playing. In the case is a waste. A nice stand and pride of place or one of those wall hangers will give you a warm glow every time you enter the room. Knowing your propensity for sniffing out a bargain, it's just money in the bank.
We all have un necessary stuff about the house. I have a motorbike behind the sofa. No intention of riding it again but no intention of parting with it.
I've had a couple of "expensive" tenors: 62 Purple Logos; the Grassi I nurtured back to health (but that was fun in itself) but never kept them, probably because I always felt more at home where I started, on alto.

I'll rarely lose money on a sax, I just won't buy it if not a bargain and these ones at £1,000+ are not really my kind of bargains. My SDA alto, at £25 net after selling the MP, was (plus full overhaul at £360) so it makes more sense to sniff out a bargain tenor, and have more "fun of the chase" too!

I think that's what I'll do. But that YTS-21 is a cheapie and I do like an older horn, so I'll follow that one up I think... heard some good things about the 21 vs 23 and later tenors. We'll see...
Your call harm in keeping up your tenor investments but I'd drop the playing . Far better to be competent even outstanding one one horn. I play tenor only these days....that's enough. Alto and sop just don't interest me..rarely even listen to them .
Tootle : how many times have I heard that...
Is it that the tenor is the more "iconic" sax to play? Probably that's what I'm thinking.

Yours is bigger than mine etc. :rolleyes:

Iconic? Sure for some. But we all have our own icons, stars, models, masters, idols.

Mine, if I had to name only one, which is something I really struggle with, would be Gerry Mulligan. So obviously I love baritone and I wish I could play it more and better than I currently do. But my wife howls like a wild dog when I play the baritone. Even more so when I practice, long tones etc. o_O

Then, I find the tenor to be more comfortable in terms of size for me. The alto feels a bit small. The 'straight' soprano is another matter. Like a different instrument.

Maintaining a balance between all 4 is next to impossible. It's like having a wife and 3 mistresses! :w00t:
I did try to help you but I see that you really want encouragement. I can point you in the direction of some expensive and glamorous tenors if that's what you really want. I even have a handle on some expensive mouthpieces but that's a road to perdition I wouldn't encourage anybody down, sorry Phil.
Bought & sold various models since I started, (2 years),now the proud owner of:

Gear for Music curved Sop
Hanson V Alto
Hanson ST5 Tenor

They make great ornaments on their stands when I'm not murdering them, but unlike my various motorbikes owned over the past 50 years, they won't kill me !!

I suppose I'm just a Sax Addict
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