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Gareth Lockrane Jazz evening class (Greenwich)

Phil Edwards

Senior Member
East Sussex
Just received notice of this class being run by Gareth Lockrane (flute tutor on Michael Garricks Jazz Academy and a damn nice bloke).

I've got the full details in a pdf (too big to post here, but pm your email address and I can send a copy)

Gareth's contact details are or 0208 320 2612 and


I'm starting a jazz evening class at Greenwich West Community & Arts Centre starting after Easter 2009, to coincide with the new school term.

I've lost count of the amount of budding jazz players that have asked me where they can develop their playing all year round when the summer school circuit is over, so I've finally decided to do something about it! I hope to cover a wide range of playing styles, and also hope that many different walks of life will be attracted to the course. Kids with a fire in their belly can play alongside classical musicians wanting to broaden their horizons and older musicians who are perhaps returning back to playing later in life.

What would be ideal of course would be to form an actual band out of this class, so rhythm section players as well as horn players are very welcome! There'll be a great deal of ensemble playing. We'll be covering material from all the main eras of jazz from swing and hard bop through to contemporary jazz, world music, funk and fusion tunes. We'll be putting into practise different soloing methods; modal improvisation, "running the changes", thematic development, chromaticism, different rhythmic approaches and stylistic trademarks of different eras of jazz. There'll also be a good deal of your input; you'll be encouraged to compose and arrange material for the class. In addition, there'll be a healthy amount of ear training, transcription and "dissecting" of some classic jazz recordings. (A good level of instrumental and reading ability is recommended.

It'll be a weekly 2-hour slot from 7 till 9 on a Tuesday evening that runs in a 6 week block. It'll cost £90 for the whole course, or on a weekly basis £10 per hour or £15 for two hours; advance payment only to guarantee numbers. 15-20 players maximum.

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