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Gander Meander

Colin the Bear

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I need to get my eyes tested. I thought this said gender meander. Intruiged I found a piece ending in gooses laughter. Maybe an eye test isn't the answer.

I'm reminded of a tale my grand mother told me about an aggressive rooster that terrorised the front garden. Something had to be done when it attacked the postman.
My granddad and uncle caught it, necked it and informed my gran it was hanging on the kitchen door awaiting plucking etc.
As she opened the door there must have been some air lodged in it and the movement caused some chicken vocalisation.

She was seen beating a hasty retreat across the lounge, shreeking "It's not dead" much to the amusement of my uncles.
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We have been warned - Just do it please :cool:
To quote a well used German phrase - "Alles Roger"

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