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GamesMaker Interview


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I thought you'd like to know I've been invited to an Olympic GamesMaker (volunteer) interview :welldone, for a role in the C3 team - Command, Coordination and Communication - it must have been those 29 years as a radio amateur that swung it. :)))

Anyone else volunteered??


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Nice One Mandy ...

Official quote: [From Website] ... Link Here

The face of the Games

London 2012 Games Makers will be the face of London 2012, with the chance to show what the UK is all about: excellence, passion and positivity. Set against this truly inspirational backdrop they will build new friendships, develop skills and play an integral role at the heart of the largest event ever staged in the UK.

Games Makers will be given an official uniform to wear during your shifts, which they can keep after the Games as a souvenir. :w00t: Uniforms :w00t:

They'll also be given free meal vouchers – volunteering will be hungry work! :))) School Dinners :)))

The reality

Games Makers will not be giving trackside massages or firing the starting pistol. Volunteering will be hard work and time-consuming, and we'll rely on our Games Makers every step of the way.

Games Maker roles

Games Makers will undertake a wide range of roles. Many of these may be behind the scenes or may require working anti-social hours. Some may have to work off-site in a warehouse distributing uniforms; others will be outside exposed to the elements for hours on end.

Hope you get really great, interesting duties Mandy ... Well done ... :welldone Enjoy !!!


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Well done - I thought about it... but its a bit far to travel!

Hope it goes well for you.



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Congrats from me, I hope it goes well. After Sunray's clips from the site..... Not sure if I'd want to be doing it. And there's the problem of getting into London while you're on duty and everything's going crazy... Let us know how you get on, maybe they'll have a band place for you!

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Problem is I remember the '48 Games, they even played football on our local ground. Got to be better and more expensive.

BTW Mandy, did you ever receive a visit from YC during your ham activities?


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Well done Mandy. I thought about it too but I am going to wait and see if I get in the triathlon squad first.

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Well done Mandy! I didn't vounteer even with my 40 years of amateur radio background. Several of my ex-colleagues (still friends of mine) have been invited back to look after interference problems at the Games: the UK regulator Ofcom cut back so much on the staff that they haven't got enough now. Big sporting events require lots of radio spectrum: Brtish Grand Prix is always a big user - broadcast links, team radio and telemetry, marshalls, security..., even the hot dog stands call up for supplies by radio link. Interference avoidance/resolution is a big issue (and we do it well which is why our broadcast coverage of big events in the UK is always so good). The Olympics will be huge in this respect, as well as in everything else.

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