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G4M Nickel silver alto sax


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi All,

had this for a few weeks now to give it a try alongside other saxes. Got a nice little French one back from being repaired and I would like to keep it over this one. I'm trying here before I go for an eBay listing
It's my Gear 4 Music alto sax in nickel silver. Underslung octave key (nice feature) well I'm sure you all know they are based on a Yani
It's got a surprisingly nicely balanced tone. Not a great deal of depth but different mouthpieces change the sound alot. They retail at between £234 - 309
This one of course isn't new but apart from a few finger prints it still looks great and the sound isn't bad for such a budget instrument. I am suitably impressed and I've wanted to give a G4M sax a try for a while now.
It didn't see much use before it came to me. The person that had it before played it only a handful of times. I think possibly due to lack of use that this may be the cause of some minor 'motorboating' on the low c but when I play it and it's warmed up I can comfortably bring this under control, however, this must be mentioned :)
Only the stock m/p will be included as I'm running out of mouthpieces to 'chuck in' LOL
£150 + Postage of £15 and of course 5% thru here
PM for pics and info, many thanks

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