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Beginner " G " gurgling

johnny b.

Hi there, another newbie question. When I play a " G " I get a gurgling sound. Starting to annoy me.

If I tighten up embouchure, a considerable amount, i can get rid of it. More pronounced using cane reed.

Not so bad with Legere.

I read somewhere my embouchure should remain stable but the amount of air produced changes.

Do you think it is a horn issue or i is it part of developing chops. I dont think my horn was set up

initially. Sometimes after releasing octave key there is a delay before horn plays lower octave. I

have watched the mechanism and all seems fine.

Thanks for any hints.

p.s. I think this is telling me to get back to a teacher.
Are you playing an alto or tenor? Also what make is your saxophone? Is the "gurgling" heard on the low G or the G an octave higher?
There's a technical answer about air support, air stream, and air flow, but in simple terms blowing it a bit harder may shift the gurgle.
I've heard people mention this a lot, sometimes it's air support, other times it seems to be mouthpiece position. If it is mouthpiece position then one thing to try that is really a bad thing is to just push it on a bit more and relax your embouchure. If possible try a different mouthpiece.
Thanks for all the help. I am playing on a Ref 36 Tenor. I really enjoy playing it. I have been playing 12 months.

I have been busy working so I suppose that equates to aprox 50 - 100 hours. Using a Selmer S80 C* with a

variety of reeds. Rico Royal #2. Legere Sig #2. I find the C* gets stuffy with #1.5. I have just received a PPT

#7 but am not ready for it yet. The Super Sessions 'I' that came with the sax is a bit advanced for me yet.

I also received the Taming the Sax book and dvd. There is some valuable information within.

I will get the sax checked out but sounds like the gurgling is part of the learning process. I will persevere.

Merry Christmas & Safe New Year. Johnny B.

p.s. the gurgle is on both ' G ' s. high and low.
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