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Beginner G frustration


Evening all.

I guess I'm now about 3 1/2 months into my tenor sax journey and still really enjoying the instrument, playing as often as I can (sadly not as often as I would like) and hopefully still progressing. I'm finding I'm having real issues, some days, with the G above the stave; the note just breaks up and I can find it really difficult to get any stability. It doesn't seem to happen all the time, but obviously it doesn't sound great and I want to rid myself of this sonic aberration!

I'm using a 5c mouthpiece (Yam) with a number 2 Vandoren Java Jazz reed, and I have settled on an embouchure with lips in front of, rather than curled over the teeth of the lower jaw. It sometimes seems to be advantageous to have less of the mouthpiece in my mouth.

Any thoughts?
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Good thread. I'll just say/add that it's the most difficult note on the tenor, most if not all of us go through this, and you need to work at it, based on what's in that thread. .
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