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FS: Yanagisawa T880 tenor with Yamaha Custom G1 crook.

Il Padrino

Well-Known Member
Hitchin, Hertfordshire
Overhauled about 2 years ago, in great condition. Comes with a Yamaha Custom G1 crook also (currently selling for £400). Photos to follow over the next few days.

If you know about the 880 series, you know its reputation, especially the tenor. If not, I'll let you find out so as not to influence unfairly!

5% to Pete's commendable charity.

£945 including shipping to UK.

Based in London, you're more than welcome to come and try it.
Apologies for the delay in getting the photos up... here is the link:

A colleague advised that I add some more info, and perhaps define 'great' :)

Well, to me it is. For a horn of its age, definitely. The photos will show.

There are some lacquer spots and scratches in the usual places (from belt buckles and sax stands), and there's a few scratches on the original crook. It comes with an SKB case as shown also. No work is needed on it at all.

The G1 custom crook allows for a more solid altissimo and multiphonics.

Am not in a hurry to sell it, part of me would rather not, but if someone is interested for the price shown, please feel free to contact me/pop around if you're in the London area to give it a try.
I'm afraid that the sax is temporarily unavailable for sale due to work being offered on it. I apologize to anyone interested, and have emailed people above separately to explain this.

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