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Fs/ft hohner alto ( again!!)


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United Kingdom
:) Ello. It has been a real good few days. I got a Berg off E Bay so as to try and put some mojo back into my tenor playing. Man it sounds great!! I really do want to sell or trade the Hohner now as it wont get played much; if at all. Be a shame for such a funky horn just to sit around. Sure, I can and have played it a little. After a full overhaul it plays perfectly; very free blowing, great sound!! So it is on E Bay for a starting bid of £400; a " buy it now " price of £600. I would still much prefer to trade for an old tenor. If it needs work I will still consider...( I have a great tech ). IF there is any interest in a straight sale here; any member can take the horn for the start price of £400.The only stipulation is that it be picked up from or near to Liverpool. Couriers are fine for MPCS and such.I would only use them for horns as a last,or only option. IN SHORT. Hohner silverplated alto (1953/4 ). RTH/ DS neck. Photos on SOTW. ( or PM me for more ). CASH PRICE TO CAFE MEMBERS £400. TRADE FOR OLD TENORSAX WELCOME!! I will pay the 5% to Petes charity based on the £400 price. I apologise for dragging this on folks. On reflection; I had lost my way tenorwise and do not have a Bari right now. A fabulous alto; sadly just not for me. How about you?? Health, Happiness and Many Thanks. Ade
That looks in great condition. I tried one of these and was very impressed. Good price as well. Should be snapped up
Thanks James. It is in great shape. I was in two minds as to whether to put this up again. Thing is, it wont sell itself and I could sure use the money toward a tenor of my own. Why I bought an alto?? I dont honestly know.I think more than anything that is what is getting to me; I made a mistake when I could least afford it!! Many Thanks. Ade
Morning all. I am lookin forward to a good week getting to know this Berg. Sure I made a mistake with the alto but again, the best way to begin the same week is to put it down to one of those things and move on. It will sell in time. In saying this; ANY OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED!! Please pm me if interested ( cash or tenorsax ) and have a great week yourselves. Many Thanks. Ade:)
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