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FS: Conn 50M Alto Saxophone "Shooting Stars" model, USA made.

Chris Sax

Conn 50M Alto Saxophone "Shooting Stars" model.

Early model 50M from early 1960's, last of the USA built Conn saxes beofre they moved to mexico.

This one won't win a beauty competition, it has a very dark lacquer finish. There are dings, scratches and lacquer loss throughout the instrument - but this just adds to the cool factor for me. It has, however, all new pads and corks and plays well from low Bb to high F without any problems. These have a larger bore than most modern instruments and has good volume & that classic Conn sound.

Included is the original case, a mouthpiece (incl. ligature & cap) and neck strap.

Quick blast demo -

Its also on fleabay, at the moment but lm going to pull it if it doesnt reach my asking price.

Looking for £170 + p&p (Donation to pete's charity from me)



If only i saw this a few day's ago- i would have made an offer then you could aviod ebay fees and the sort, but looks as though it will sell well.
Good Luck.
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