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From the mouths of children....


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My nine year old was watching me as I repadded the tenor. Asked lots of questionsas they do.... Then he noticed the champagne cork in the neck socket.

" err... Daddy, Is the cork to keep the spit in?"

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I to have a nine year old, a brilliant Violinist, and an expert site reader, so good in fact that she can quickly look through a new piece and more or less play it strait off!!! unlike poor old Daddy:shocked:. Now recently i've been working hard with swing rythms and she's been listening and my God can she swing!!!

Anyway back to the topic, last year she was lucky enough to win a place in the string's section in the arts in education junior orchestra at De-Montfort Hall in Leicester, now the hall was packed on the night and the ticket price was something like £7.

However when she found out that everyone had actuarly had to pay to get in i got my nose rubbed in it a bit with coments like "£7 each.... not bad, er, how much do people pay to come and watch you then Daddy?" and "De- Montfort, when did you last play anywere like that then Daddy?"

All in good fun of course:)
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