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Fried rice

I always seem to have a lot of leftovers from yesterdays dinner. In fact, somehow most of my dinners are made from leftovers. You cook a descent dinner on Sunday and there you go, leftovers the rest of the week. This is about getting rid of rice in a quick and tasteful manner.

  • Boiled rice from yesterdays dinner (as much as you think you need, and then some)
  • A few eggs (Whisp in enough to make the rice a bit wetter than soggy)
  • Salt and pepper (freshly ground is always best)
Whatever ingredients you have to add taste and texture
  • bacon
  • prawns
  • cheese
  • all of the above
  • whatever
Fry it in a hot pan (with oil, butter or both) till you don't bother frying it no more
(ohhh, and it suits curry rather well, Pete:))

A few quick bites, the off you go to saxophone practice. It should last you a couple of hours, maybe three...


Westminster, MD
There's another key ingredient in my version.. sesame oil!

and peanuts! I usually toss in some coarsely cut veggies, too - whatever is in season, or I have floating around in my freezer. Last Tuesday, it was green beans. I like it with Hoisin (plum) sauce and hot Chinese mustard.


Formerly known as "nachoman"
brighton by the sea
Everything seemes to taste good if you fry it :p I always fry leftover potatoes and leftover macaroni :)
Fried up pre-cooked spaghetti, smoked bacon, onions & raisins,- crack an egg into the (fry till cooekd nad blended in) and serve with lots of freshly ground black pepper


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Manchester, UK
Also, it's a great way to reheat left-over chips. Just heat them (gently at first) in a frying pan without any extra oil, the oils that's coating them will be plenty. Bring's 'em up nice and crispy.

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