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Friday Night Appletini

1 jigger Smirnoff® Green Apple Twist vodka
1/2 jigger DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker schnapps


jigger of vodka (dealer's choice)
splash with appletini mix

Stir/shake ingredients together with crushed ice (or not) in a cocktail/martini glass, and serve.

If you're feeling fancy, rinse/freeze martini glass first, rim with lemon and dip in sour apple rimming sugar, with a slice of Granny Smith apple for garnish.


Young Col

Well-Known Member
Sounds nice. Always on the lookout for zingy, crisp, aperitifs.
Is appletini mix something more than just apple juice? We probably call it something different.

My supermarket was giving out free samples of Absolut pear flavoured vodka yesterday. Didn't seem to take much edge off the vodka, but very aromatic.

My usual aperitif is cold pink gin martini: exactly what it says - a rinse of angostura bitters, measure or so of Bombay Sapphire (or other very dry London gin) and splash of dry vermouth, over ice.



Colin - I'll have to try the "pink" version. Sounds perfect for an evening "constitutional" - my term for "Happy Hour". Bombay Sapphire is lovely.
I'm impressed and a bit envious - they only sell beer/wine at the grocery stores here - and no free samples!!

I usually find appletini mix next to the pre-mixes for pina coladas, margaritas, bloody marys, etc. I think the schnapps taste better, though. I also look for non-synthetic Vodka, like Chopin or Ketel One.

Found this on - seems the Sour Apple Schnapps are the key to the tart apple taste. It's like tart apple pie without the crust - but with a kick!

60ml Sour Apple Schnapps
30ml vodka 15ml Melon Liqueur
1 splash Sweet and Sour Mix
ice cubes


to your health!

Young Col

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Thanks for the link Lori, I shall trawl around it. Also have to look closely for appletini on the shelves.

I've got a nice coconut rum cocktail recipe somewhere that I shall post when I find it. Don't usually refer to it as I know it by heart. Suppose the answer is to mix one up and write it down as I go - good excuse!


old git

Tremendous Bore
Is there a vegetarian version?
Granny Smith seems to suggest that cannibalism is rife in Vermont.
Hope it isn't the Welsh influence.
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