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Freezing fingers outdoors!

Dublin, Ireland
Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone out there has found effective fingerless gloves that make playing outdoors in the winter possible?

I've got Raynauds which gives lack of circulation in the fingers when it's very cold or you get nervous. Christmas carol busking gives an opportunity to do both!

I've tried normal cotton ones, but they're not great. Has anyone tried neoprene sailing gloves, though I suspect they may restrict finger movement too much?


Ps: Happy Christmas to one & all on this great forum.
I used to use them. I used to play a weekly sunday lunchtime gig in a working men's club in Middlesbrough in the early '80s. It was f***ing freezing, a cavernous hall with absolutely no heating. The punters never seemed to notice, they were steelworker types, as rough as a badger's arse, and usually gallon drunk by 12:30, but I used to absolutely freeze. I got a pair of fingerless gloves and a massive ancient Crombie overcoat from a charity shop. Was a bit restrictive at first, but I got used to it, and managed to not freeze.

The other thing about cold fingers (and feet) you need to bear in mind is that part of the reason they get cold is peripheral heat loss. Your torso absolutely must stay warm to keep your internal organs working properly, so your body lets less important bits like your hands and feet get cold to keep the important bits warm. So, keep your middle bits toasty and your fingers won't get so cold. Oh, and wear a hat, which every good sax player should have anyway. I used to use an army surplus wooly hat.
Yes I've also used them, wool one's with no fingers. try wearing the rubber surgical gloves which are very thin under the wool, every little bit helps.(especially if your hands are warm when you put em on)

High summer here in NZ, I usually go for a swim at the beach Xmas day!

Happy Holidays

Cheers & Ciao
High summer here in NZ, I usually go for a swim at the beach Xmas day!

Happy Holidays

Cheers & Ciao

Careful.... You're going get some serious envy going. I lived in SA for 15 years - and the first year I was there, I was able to swim in someone's outside pool on my birthday at new year, but that's long gone, even if the memories aren't.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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