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Free Reed Review

Der Wikinger

I did get the 2 free reeds from Internet reeds. A 11/2 and a 2. When my latest rico royal 2 1/2 gave up (splinters no less), I tried one of the reeds. :welldone

It plays just fine as a 2 1/2 - 3, but I now have a problem: my Tenor now plays with a British accent. :))) :sax:

Justin Chune

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I've wondered if anyone liked those reeds. I ordered one each for clarinet and tenor sax, both No.2. Both reeds are a too firm for my liking. The clarinet reed was doing OK as I was testing it, however, my phone rang and I went off to deal with it. When I got back a few minutes later I found that the reed had died. I couldn't get a squeak or a cheap out of it. The tenor sax reed has a well made look about it but is just too hard. Are you planning to order more?

As for your sax speaking with a British accent, well it would old boy. Chin chin.

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