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Free Jazz From London...

Thanks Jules, Intense yes a take no prisoners approach too free playing. As for the longevity of playing like that, well it was stamina training, ie: get together with like minded souls and actually practice on a regular basis, this sort of technique, hit a wall and keep on going - too use a sporting analogy.
Not sure who was talking about whom, but its always amused me. I dont know whether the original was being sarky or not, but when I say it I do mean it. May not want to much, but dont half wish I could. All the best,
Well being able to play like the example posted - that wild and "out" - is another tool to be used as and when. As well as practicing like this I practice, for example, long notes as quiet as I can, from low to alt. It's all to do with muscle memory, strength building, control and stamina, all of which are then "forgotten" or become part of your subconscious in order to play "the music of the moment."

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