Free Jazz Chicken


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Free Jazz...
Because you can really do what you want with this basic idea.

The inspiration to submit to Jazz recipes came from my latest attempt.
I took a Nando's Peri Peri Tomato and Basil medium strength sauce and marinated cubed chicken for a couple of hours.
Sizzled it in a pan with the slightest amount of olive oil for a short time.
In another pan, again with the slightest amount of olive oil I had red and green pepper, red onion and tomato sizzling away.
As the chicken was nearly cooked I added 2 rashers of thick lean bacon to it and it got singed with the Peri Peri sauce.

That's the basic idea....
The improvisation in the past has been to mix/serve the above with:-
Chips (what a sinner!) >:)
Bean sprouts, ham and pinapple (but the periperi was substituted for jamaican jerk).

I'd be interested to hear how you improvise on this.....

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