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One prosecco, two prosecco, three prosecco - floor
Café Supporter
The Millenium Falcon
nice 1 Sue, i snaffled them all up! (just like that ice-cream you had);}

I might have another one later, the weather is so glorious again. Instead of coffee breaks, I'm having ice cream breaks - what flavour though?

Thanks Sue ...Good find there...och aye!

Need to find another life to be able to use all this you have one spare?

Hey Jimu, it gets a bit overwhelming doesn't it. I sometimes find I flit from this new idea to that new idea and then having spent unnecessary time getting nowhere and back, realise I should have carried on with the original learning material. Ah well it all makes for an interesting and fun time.

Hope winter's not too bad for you down there in NZ. A family friend who lives in Auckland is getting married this week but she's gone to the Cook Islands, where I guess it's always sunny.

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