free christmas music including duets, trios and quartets


Leicester, United Kingdom
Hi Folks

I have found a free music site that has loads of Christmas Carols on it. They are available in Bb ,Eb and concert pitch along with vocals and piano parts. They have midi files to listen too aswell.

If you print off a Bb or Eb part you will find that it can either be played as a solo, duet , trio or quartet and if you mix the parts then you can have a full sax quartet. They are good arrangements too. is the place to go.

If you then use spotify and type in christmas carol karaoke you will find backing tracks for most of them. Some of the parts need to be transposed up a tone, but nothing too difficult. I used this method to play at an over 60's gig this week and it worked really well.

I know its a bit late for this year, but you have plenty of time to practice for next year.

Have a good one


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