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Frankfurt Musikmesse April 6-9 2011

Stephen Howard

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I'll be going, I'll be in attendance for all of the trade days but leaving before the public it gets a bit hectic.

I had a peek at the 'qualifications' for trade entry:

Wholesale trade/foreign tarde - retail trade/specialist suppliers - industry and craft for music instruments, sheet music and accessories, department store buyers - composers, choirmaster, conductors- music teachers, music lecturers, authors - guest performance and concert agencies, organisers - prof. musicans and music services.

I assume that when buying a trade ticket you simply have to put down which category you fit in to...and I'd imagine that 'music services' covers a great deal of ground.
I would advise non-trade visitors to avoid the first day, as this is a very busy day for the trade. The second day is a little more relaxed, but the third trade day is probably the best bet.
The public day gets rather crowded. It's still a good day if you're wanting to try out lots of gear, but because of the sheer numbers of people attending it's not such a good day for socialising ( it's hard to get a seat in the many bars and cafes ).

Closer to the date it'd be a good idea to exchange mobile phone numbers, to help ensure that those who want to hook up for a bevvy can find each other.



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In my experience one can just get a ticket and get in, give any reference you want or not, best thing is to buy tickets on line, they are cheaper can't remember any questions being asked. local (and also just outside of Frankfurt) are included in the ticket, great value for money


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2,483'm quite keen to do a day trip - i.e. fly out early morning and come back in the evening with lung exhaustion........
Do yourself a very big favour and stay for the duration and leave the day after the last day, in all calm. Should you do a rushed one day trip you will be exhausted won't see anything and will kick yourself for a year for having done that. It won't be easy to find some cheap accommodation but if you look for it right now you can still find some out of town hotels for about 100 euro a night .


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i live not too far away so i will be going this year for sure!!!! thanks for reminding me!!!

EDIT : and i love MILANDRO's idea of having a badge!! make sure to get it laminated though!!
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Right. Got sidetracked on this one which might be fatal from a hotel POV. I can't afford time-wise to do more than fly out on the Friday morning and fly back on Saturday afternoon/evening.

Any recommendations for hotels, location-wise, if not specific recommendations?
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