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Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011


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Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011
Yes, it is that time of the year! Frankfurt we are about to come your way!
It is a unique chance to go and see musical things and get together.

Unfortunately , as always, we will be spread around several places otherwise we would be seeing a lot more of each other also in the evening and not only during the day at the fair.

I will be staying in the village of Schwanheim , few minutes by tram from the Messe, where I have found a nice bed and breakfast (without breakfast really!), it is a lovely place with few nice restaurants and Stuben and a great relaxed atmosphere away from the overcrowded and over-expensive rest of town.

It would be nice to have some way to recognise each other and I thought of this

where one could easily print something like this

so that we can recognise each other
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