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Saw Bill Wymans Rhythm Kings and was blown away by the 2 sax players - Frank Mead and Nick Payn. Despite having luminaries like Albert Lee and Georgie Fame in the band, these 2 blokes are the star players. This track has Frank doing a storming alto solo about 2:30 in. Loads more on YouBend - just search Rhythm Kings.


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I have the DVD and there's great playing through out. Nick does a nice bari solo too!
Thanks for reminding me, it's going on at the weekend.
Frank & Nick

Seen Frank several times around Watford with local bands. I believe he lives in south London so he has a long journey just for a blow. Watching him perform almost gives me a coronary. Talented guy who really puts his heart and soul into his performances. Also seen Nick and he's great too. Recommend you make an effort to see either of these guys if you get the chance.
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Check out Mike Paice if you get the chance. He's another hard-blowing, heart-stopping rocker. Also plays blues harp the same way!
Ref:-Clip as posted by dooce.

The singing, the guitar, the sax-----wow, superb.
Still watching it.

It is an outstanding band! Better when they are playing than between numbers, it must be said - but then some of them are pushing on a bit and those old booze and "substance" befuddled brain cells aren't quite as sharp as they were - and they seem to quite like a bit of a rest between the exertions of actually playing..... :D

I would hasten to add that this generalisation does not apply to the ridiculously sprightly Frank Mead.
Frank, Nick and Mike are all old buddies/colleagues of mine - jostling for gigs/sessions, booking each other when sections are needed.

The rivalry kicks in when you put someone in as a deputy/sub while you are on tour, get home and they've got the permanent gig. You still love them really though.

I've worked with Frank in Juice on the Loose and other bands (plus another great name from that scene: Nick Pentelow), and with Mick Paice in Dana Gillespie band. (He got my gig as I was away so much).

You also need to watch out for this guy: Big Mart Winning (I think he plays with that miserable Irish singer now.
Thanks for this post Bill, a very tight smooth band.

Now that I'm travelling soon, I'll try and catch a few of these on my way around.

I've worked with Frank in Juice on the Loose and other bands (plus another great name from that scene: Nick Pentelow), and with Mick Paice in Dana Gillespie band. (He got my gig as I was away so much)..
I used to follow Juice on the Loose, I guess it must have been the late 80's early 90's. This would have been at the 100 Club and the Mean Fiddler. I have one of their albums - Secret Life - this features Frank Mead. I also used to watch Frank with the Big Town Playboys - again at the 100 Club and the Dublin Castle in Camden - I think that it was this that really turned me on to the Sax.

Pete, were you on the Secret Life album? I think the cover picture was taken at the Town and Country club (now called the Forum) in Kentish Town.
Big Town Playboys. Man thats goin back. I sold one of their guys a ba tenor. Must be nearly twenty years back. It wasnt Frank. Forget his name. He took this Link out of his jacket pocket. It was WIDE. Crazy hard reed. He tore it up!!
I really couldnt say. It was a long time back. Big guy; Great quiff.
Been thinkin about Frank today. He really is a great tenorman. Last i saw, he was doing the C'ote d' azzure charity gig. Band du lac, i think. May be wrong.

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