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Software found this useful little program


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hi all, noobs in particular.
i found a great little bit of software whilst scanning the net to help progress my playing as fast as i can.
the software is basically a small window that opens on your desktop, it has a piano keyboard, all keys on sax, and musical staffs, showing fingering on piano and sax, and written notation.
being a total noob myself i can see this being a massive help in converting dots into finger positions on my sax.
it covers all sizes from sop to bari. has shedloads of scales programmed in, and shows you similtaniously written notation and fingering. you can also speed up and slow down how fast you play and follow the scale.
as i said i am a total noob, and this may have been mentioned before. but just in case it hasnt.
it is called saxtutor, and there is a demo of it on you tube
link here
i hope folk find this useful.
cheers all, mad keef.
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