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Saxophones Fortissimo Torino saxophone

Might be great, might be awful. If you don't know anything about saxes it would be a risk. Would almost certainly need a better mouthpiece to play in any meaningful sense. Also, in my opinion, there's a bit of a whiff of BS about the advert. "The capped mouthpiece includes a metal ligature for extra strength". Oh, come on.

I've also owned a John Packer sax briefly, and it was fine, good value for money, and John Packers are a reputable outfit. They'll look after you.

Alternatively, if you decide against the other saxes you are thinking about, I do have a tenor which will be for sale soon. It's a good one, almost certaily better than an eBay unknown brand, and about the same price as the one in the eBay listing you've posted. PM me if interested.
No experience about it.
I am currently trying a Jericho alto, and I am liking it.
I will post a review here in a couple of days is their website

Since you are in Taunton, I have been playing professionally John Packer horns for a few years, they also have a rental scheme.

Let us know...

I did debate on a JP horn but they seem to have shot up in price. I quite like the look of this Jericho though. Thanks for the tip off.
They'll look after you.

I think this is essential when you choose a brand. I always have wonderful communication with JP, talked to Robbie from Jericho Horns the first time today, and he seemed a very competent, nice guy.

On a saxophone, after sale service is necessary.
It looks like they now have the tenor and sopranos in stock as well...

looks very similar to my 62 series tenor...

whereas the sopranos look vey much like Yanis...

Looks like these horns may have a bright future for beginners and pros looking for a back up horn or for the odd dodgy playing at the Royal Albert Hall...:)))


Greg S.
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£199 for a NEW tenor, sorry but I would stay clear.
I agree with the others: JP has always some good ex-demo/ex-rental saxes and you'll get the after sales service should you need it... and you're local!
Just my 2.5p.
Any reviews/experience of the sop? Could be just what I am looking for .... (uh, or is that just GAS talking?)

How peculiar, I was talking about the Jericho soprano yesterday....
Robbie was talking of a potential passaround. I just cannot decide if there is more market for a student curly or for a student straight. I will be pleased to review it, but soprano has been my main instrument for years, and I am more demanding than with alto.

I can't comment on the fortissimo tenor but I hired a sop of the same brand when I first started learning, for 3 months, the reasons I didn't buy were nothing to do with the quality of the sax and to be honest I was too much of a novice to be able to comment on it but it played ok and I think one "pearl" fell out whilst I had it.. I did receive the following comments from a well known London Sax shop when I made enquiries about it (they don't as far as I know sell this make). I rented from my then tutor who thought they were one of the better chinese models.

I know a little about fortissimo's as one of my pupil'shad one, in blue of all colours, they are a cheap Chinese stencil at the end ofthe day, not really the best of Chinese saxophones, but worked ok. The kid Iwas teaching managed to push out his grade 5 jazz with the sax, but, it didhold him back a little as the key work was too heavy. I believe he only paidabout £200 new for his, and it was a tenor as well.


Thanks guys for the advice, I have taken it on the chin and went down and rented a JP horn in copper finish. I have to say, this seems way better built than my Yamaha YTS23 by far. LOL I feel a swap coming on...
Here's some other info that may help...

Also if you love listening to a great alto player in the same vein as Paul Desmond, Art Pepper, etc with a modern twist - check our Pete's CD. I bought a copy a couple of weeks ago and it's fantastic - highly recommended.

Musicians like Pete Effamy should be selling more CDs than the likes of Justine Beaver (sic), Kathy Parry (sic) and Lady Geiger (sic) - you can tell my distaste for these individuals - and other candy floss (cotton candy) for the ears...


Greg S.
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