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Reeds Forestone reed strenght



I would like to try out a forestone reed, but their reed strength comparison table does not look very clear to me,
so I'd like some advice from here.

I play Vandoren Blue on a Selmer S80 F baritone mouthpiece, so what Forestone strenght would I need,
and how does the sound and feel compare to Vandoren Blue or Légere
I started out on a Legere 2.75 when I started to play again, it sounded OK, but I think I grew out of it and will need a Legere 3 now.
My teacher adviced me to go back to Vandoren 3, they sound good, but each reed seems very different to me,
so I will probably go back to synthetic for a while to build up my embouchure on something more consistent in strenght.


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Skabertawe, South Wales
I only play cane but I have tried the Forestone reeds on Alto and Tenor Sax and they give a very good account of themselves.
What is the strength of your current Vandoren Traditional reed? Compared to it a Forestone reed will be approximately 1.0 softer. A Vandren Trad 2 would equal a Forestone 3 etc. If you are on a Van Trad 3 then you would need a Forestone 4.

Hope this helps.

Fraser Jarvis

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Hi I tried to buy them from stockists Howarth except they don't stock them! Oh we could get them in for you. You can buy direct from forestone waiting on them coming
Yeah I tried Howarth's as well, complete waste of time, they told me they had stopped dealing with Forestone because of QC problems and other problems with delivery....then in the same breath told me they could get one if I wanted one ??? I told them not to bother and got a Harry Hartman carbonfiber reed from Reeds direct, worked well enough, bit rough on my bottom lip but not to much of a problem until part of it embedded itself in my top lip, wouldn't get another so went back to Fibracell 3.5 best reed yet, well while it lasted until the backing came away in less than a month, emailed them about it but as of yet no reply..

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