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For what it may be worth, probably not much

Andante cantabile

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The other day I checked up on the used tenor saxophones offered on ebay USA. I am not in the market for one, but there is no harm in extending one's knowledge.

I found that 31 Selmer Mark VIs were being offered, all coming from the best production batches. The next biggest single batch was 14 Selmer Bundys. In a way they are at the extreme ends of Selmer prices. Then came 10 Yamaha YTS-23s. After that, the numbers for each type were under five, and generally one or two. For example, not one T-991 (but one T-990 and one T-9903), two Yamaha YTS-82zs and one Borgani.

I suppose that all of these Mark VIs have homes now, and they will find new ones in the fulness of time. Still, the difference in the numbers is amazing.


This could show:

what saxophones owners are willing to give up.
which saxophones are difficult to sell privately through local classifieds
which saxophones have suffered the most abuse
which saxophone players use Ebay
People don't like their Selmers/Yamaha's (JOKES!)

I still like selmer. The first four are more serious than the last
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