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For Sale Yamaha YCL-250 Clarinet.


Woodbridge, Suffolk
Hi all,

Im trying to sell my unused Yamaha 250 Clarinet in an attempt to raise some funds this time for a Baritone Sax (or to help soften the student fee blow...)

4 years old (ish) Had been serviced regularly (recent receipt to prove), although there has been no damage/ repair needed in the time I owned it.
This Clarinet saw me to Grade 6 but was replaced by a professional model to suit my study.
You'll probably all know what these are like, very good for a Student player or as a doubling instrument.
I enjoyed playing it- even for an ABS clarinet, the Yamaha produced a nice even tone and played well throughout the range.
All pads and springs are like new, never needed changing and I doubt will for a while still.
Bought new for £325, but looking for around £180, an offer is accepted (if reasonable)

The old cliche- Would make a good christmas present for a beginner...

PM if interested- suitable donation made if sold here.
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