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PPT Mouthpieces

For Sale: Various Tenor Mouthpieces.


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Skabertawe, South Wales
I Have the following Tenor Mouthpieces for Sale:

1. Vandoren Java T55. Spotless condition, in original box. Cost new is £120 or so. PRICE £65 inc. shipping.

Tip opening of 0.098" (6*). Excellent for more contemporary styles - Funk, Rock, Pop etc.

2. Lebayle Studio Ebonite 6*. Excellent condition, in original box. Cost new is also £120. PRICE £65 inc. shipping.

Superb for more contemporary styles, and with a bright, edgy sound, like a Berg 95/0 etc.

3. Saxscape Uptown Xtra Dark 0.102" (7). Again, spotless condition and in original packaging. Currently costs $250 in US. PRICE £70 inc. shipping.

This is a "Prototype" - as Ken Barry (maker) says "Prototypes were a way for me to make adjustments to the machining process, without spending the time in doing a lot of finish hand work. I only made tenor prototypes in .102 sizes and a limited set of models". It has a darker sound with some real depth to it.

5% donation to Pete's fund for each mouthpiece sold. Please PM me with any questions!

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