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For Sale: Selmer Super Session Alto Mouthpiece


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Skabertawe, South Wales
I have a Super Session with an E facing (roughly a 6 on most others) which is not played, so gathering dust. I played it for a year or so, and it is in very good condition (no marks/damage etc.).
I once washed it in luke warm water, which has left it with a dark green tinge - does not affect the playing at all, and adds charcter to the piece.

Currently they cost about £150 new (£155 at, and I am asking £50 inc P&P with £5 to Pete's fund. It is in original packaging, with metal ligature. Trials welcome - excellent piece for jazz, particularly of the smoother kind, just not hard rock.

PM me if you have any questions
Kind regards
Tom :cool:
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