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For Sale Howarth,s Chiltern Black Plate Tenor


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West Midlands
Howarth,s Chiltern Black Plate Tenor

Pro level horn from the stable of Mauriat,System 54,Barone etc.

Mint condition hardly played,no scratches,no dings,its like brand new.

Bought this approx 18 months ago,then my back problem took a turn for worse so this has sat idle,only gigged with it once.

Complete with 4c mouthpiece thats never been played,stand in pictures is not in with the deal.

It was setup by Connolly MIR shortly after purchase and plays great from top to bottom.

Reason for sale,simply i have too many horns and with christmas nearly upon us need to raise some funds.

Welcome to try in the West Midlands.

More info about these horns on Howarths website.

New these are £1250 i am asking £850 shipped in the UK

This is a pro horn for very good price.

Theres the usual 5% donation to Pete's charity if sold on this site.
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Hi Fraser
Hard to believe lol but this is what Howarths said,probably a few more horns aswell that come from the same stable.

I own a Mauriat and there are a lot of similar parts on the Chiltern.

Any mp3 recordings available generally of this range please ?

Hi Emaitch
I dont unfortunately have any and i dont have no recording facilities at home,it plays great and is in as new condition,you are more than welcome to try,this is a pro level horn for the price of many student horns.
Here is a review from the Jazzwise magazine

Thanks for your interest

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Last drop £750 shipped in the UK

I won't go any lower,practically giving it away,will keep if it doesn't sell at this price.

So who wants a nice tenor for Xmas.
I am a newcomer to the site and wondered if this is for sale still.
I have a budget of £700, so perhaps would not be a deal here. Feel free to tell me to clear off.
Hi jtwjtw
I can meet you half way at £725 depending where i have to send the sax to.
Come back to me with some more details.
Hello again,
I was worried that the posts I keep making seem to be disappearing and then realised about the moderators bit with new members.
Am afraid £700 is my limit (my accountant/wife says so). This is already way passed my budget for the Bauhaus (used) or Jericho tenors I was looking at originally. Just can not keep upping this limit.
I am in leicester.
Please do say if offer is too low and will not pester anymore. Appreciate the offer is already a good one but just too high for me.
Could be that the Jericho is for me.
Best wishes.
I would just like to point out that i will be available if anyone is interested in this tenor for the next week after that i will be entering hospital for yet more back surgery so will be out of action for sometime,didn't want anyone to contact me on this site and me not answer them back.

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