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For Sale a PPT 7* Tenor Mouthpiece


Senior Member

This is a fabulous tenor mouthpiece and a delight to play, but I have two mouthpieces that are too close in tone to warrant hanging on to them both! I’ve kept the PPT as a back up for the last year now and I’m getting itchy to try something new so I had to make a decision, and as a PPT 8 is tempting when funds allow, it makes sense to let the PPT 7* go.

I’ve had it a while but it has always been used with a fabric ligature and a tooth patch so no scratches. Comes in the original box/tube.


Looking for £120 inc Postage (UK only)
£12 to be donated to the Café charity fund if sold here.

Thanks for looking,

Very tempted but I too am thinking '8' once I have funds
I have one of these and it's excellent. Love it! It's the only mouthpiece I use.
I can't believe no one's snapped this up!
Fab mouthpiece!
Hi Chris,
Don't be shy of trying a 9* when you have the funds.
I tried both and went for the 9* even though I am still a wimpy guitarist at heart.
They really are great mouthpieces.
Sold to the chap, third row form the back with the shades and hat. :mrcool Many Thanks.

Donation made to the bloke in the stripped jumper.

Best wishes,



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