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Couple of questions:

1 - Anyone know much about Takumi flutes? About all I know/have been able to find out is that the company was started by 2 guys from Muramatsu, who made flutes together for a while, before splitting to found Altus and another company, name escapes me. How good are their flutes? There's a little on SOTW, where Gordon NZ said good things about the couple he'd worked on. But all the googling I've done led me to ads with high priced samples (prices up in the Muramatsu/Altus region).

2 - Pads - there seems to be an attitude here that if the pad is dirty and there's an impression from the tone hole it's shot, even if it's sealing and the flute plays OK. Seems that they're going a bit overboard. Or am I missing something?


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1 - Don't know, but I certainly like my old (1977) Muramatsu.

2 - if it still plays perfectly well, why bother? (unless disaster appears about to happen)


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I have never played on a Muramatsu, but several flute players whom I know swear by them. I did recently get a chance to try out an Altus, and it was a very nice instrument. It seemed heavy to me, though, but that is probably because I have gotten used to my thinwall instrument, and the one I tried, even though it had a C foot, was standard wall thickness.

My main instrument was in the shop for an overhaul last November, and I was playing on my backup instrument, an Armstrong 104. That is a relatively cheap student quality, nickel-plated instrument. Just for fun, I borrowed a headjoint from the fellow sitting next to me, and stuck it oin my flute. The sound was amazing. It was big and full, with excellent intonation throughout the full range of the instrument. I was able to easily play five overtones on a Low C, and hit any one of them precisely with very little effort. All of that told me the headjoint means more in the quality of a flute than anything else.

As far as pads go, I do not worry about whether they are discolored or stained, provided they seal with the lightest of touch.

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