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Flute: Pearl PF-525RBE


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Montreal, QC, Canada.
Up for sale is my Pearl PF-525RBE, I bought it several years ago, but only started learning/playing it December last year. This is my 2nd time attempting to learn the concert flute, and as much as I love the clarity of its tone, I can't seem to develop an attachment to it like the sax.


Erm what can I say about it. It's a silver plated instrument, and I believe the lip plate is sterling silver. It's an open hole flute, but all the plugs are in place and I've not touched them. Offset G, and has a B foot.

Apart from what you see in the picture, there is also a wooden rod, and cleaning cloths and a carton box. The two books are Winn's Melodies for Developing Tone and Interpretation and Peter Wastall's Learn as you play flute. Winn's book is basically new, but the other book has lots of pencil scribbles.

The flute is in good condition, my teacher has tested it, and it plays well in all registers. There is some tarnish between the keys on the flute. Always cleaned out after playing. I have a flute peg, designed for use with Hercules stands - if you want it, it's in the price.

Price: £300 OBO+shipping, 5% to pete's charity.
UK sales preferred, do ask any questions.



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Thanks Gallen

Being a silversmith, I sat for a few hours this morning and set to on the tarnish you mentioned. All now gone, and the flute has glimmered up a treat.

Now for a lesson ........
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